Name: Anna Kjellsdotter Ingman Petrovic

Nationality: Swedish

Place of birth: Pembury, England

Date of birth: 8 nov 1979 (scorpio)


University education:

Fil Mag (M Sc) in Media- and communication science, Umeň University.

Fil Kand (bachelor degree) in Peace- and conflict science, Umeň University.

60 p master level courses at International School of Public Health, Umeň University.


Residence: Kungsbacka, Sweden


Profession: Working with the Swedish Migration Board .


Family: Husband and son. My son Odin was born in august 2011.


Mother and stepfather lives in an amazing farmhouse on Gotland.  My little sister is in England where she is at college perfecting her skills in computergames design. I have one sister and one brother living in Karlstad, where I grew up. My big brother lives in Stockholm where he works with the navy.


My father and my stepmother lives in Getinge, Halland. I have 2 brothers with families living there as well. We are a big happy family I tell you!  


Marital status: Married since 2010.


Years of boxing: since 1992

(no competitions between 1997-2003)


Interests apart from boxing:




Our dogs!!! (see the New Photo Gallery)


Riding motorbike


Nordic and celtic paganism

Languages (learning and practising)

Music and dancing

Eating well at nice restaurants

Travelling, see new places, cultures and different ways of life.






WPBF World Champion
September 2009 I won the WORLD CHAMPION title of the World Professional Boxing Federation by winning a great unanimous decision win over american boxer Myriam Brakache




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September 2008 and I became the new WBC International Champion and WPBF Intercontinental champion.




Anna Ingman

WPBF World Champion, WBC International Champion, WPBF Intercontinental Champion